Home Health Nursing

Perry County Health Department’s Home Health Services were formed in 1977. Over the years we have continued to provide patients of Perry County with high quality health care in the home. Our goal is to assist each person to reach the highest possible level of independence and to assist each person to remain with loved ones in their own homes with the highest quality of life.

How can Perry County Health Department’s Home Health Services make a difference?

Perry County Health Department’s visiting nurse services is an alternative to a lengthy hospital or nursing home stay. The patient’s familiar home setting can aid in a more rapid recovery or stabilization. The patient’s condition can be evaluated closely on a regular basis. The patient’s personal physician is kept updated on any changes that may occur in the patient’s health status.
Patients, family members, or caregivers are encouraged to take an active role in home care and are taught the necessary skills to enable them to continue home care after professional skills are no longer needed.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

The patient who may benefit from home care MUST be homebound and in need of temporary intermittent skilled professional care. These patients must be under the care of a physician.

Some examples include:

  • Patients recently discharged from the hospital or nursing home
  • Patients with a change in their current health status
  • Patients with a recent change in medications
  • Surgical patients in need of wound care or dressing changes
  • Diabetic patients in need of instruction regarding diet and medication administration
  • Physical therapy after surgery
  • Therapy after a stroke

Current/Active patients are provided with a number to reach our skilled nursing staff 24 hours a day.