Infectious Disease Reporting

Mandated reporters, such as health care providers, hospitals and laboratories, by law must report suspected or confirmed cases of certain infectious diseases electronically through Illinois’ National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS). If they do not have access to I-NEDSS, they can report by mail, telephone or fax to the local health department. Requirements for the timing of reporting, once the disease or condition is recognized or suspected, vary by disease. Information on reportable diseases is available in the Control of Communicable Disease rule.

Illinois’ National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) is a secure, Web-based application available to health care providers and other reporters for input of demographic, medical and exposure information on patients diagnosed with reportable conditions. Once a report is entered, it is immediately routed to the appropriate local health department for additional follow-up. The purpose of reportable disease surveillance and follow up is to:

  • Identify in a timely way any diseases or conditions that may require immediate public health intervention
  • Detect changing trends or patterns in disease occurrence
  • Identify areas or communities that require special public health response as a result of changes in disease patterns
  • Assess and evaluate control and prevention interventions

If you have any questions regarding disease reporting or follow up, please feel free to contact us 357-5371
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